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We’re proud to offer patio covers, pergolas, and shade screens to homeowners in Boise, Idaho. We believe that your outdoor space should feel just as comfortable as your indoor space! Our patio covers, pergolas, and shade screens are crafted with enjoyment in mind.
Boise provides incredible outdoor recreation activities, markets, downtown dining, and cultural exhibits. We’ve proudly served Boise, Idaho for over 17 years. Over time, we’ve helped thousands of residents choose the right outdoor structure to complement their homes. We look forward to continuing to serve this area and community as it grows!
brown pergola connected to white house in Boise, Idaho.

We created a beautiful large pergola for this Boise resident. Because this homeowner loves grilling and spending time in their hot tub, they didn’t want complete shelter over their patio. They chose to allow for more airflow and sunshine by adding a pergola instead of a patio cover. The pergola that we built for them spans the entire length of their patio!

A brown pergola with a fire pit and blue patio chairs in Boise, Idaho.

This patio was made with our MOCKWOOD material in the color “cocoa” with a scallop cut finish. The timber frame columns make this pergola feel rustic and natural- perfectly accenting their beautiful view of the Boise foothills.

brown pergola connected to white house in Boise, Idaho.
shepherds pie 2

With lounge chairs, a hot tub, fire pit, and barbecue, they’ve now got a complete setup for enjoying the outdoors.


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